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Day 7/14 | Akis Diet

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This particular 14 day diet plan is was created especially for me by a team of nutrition and health specialists after a proper evaluation. Any diet plan or nutrition plan you follow in order to lose weight, should be personalized and you should be under the supervision of a dietitian or nutritionist. This effort is part of an organized action to raise the awareness of the public to better health and well-being.

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Director: Λξωνίδις ΠξΝΚβινίδΡς
Production: Akis Petretzikis Ltd.
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Video Editor: ÎœÎšĎ‡ÎŹÎťÎˇĎ‚ ÎœĎ€ÎąĎÎźĎ€ÎąĎÎŽĎ‚
Special Partners: Mary-Rose Î‘Î˝Î´ĎÎšÎąÎ˝ÎżĎ€ÎżĎÎťÎżĎ…, ΓΚΏννΡς ÎœĎ€ÎżĎ…ĎÎżÎ´ÎŽÎźÎżĎ‚, ΖωΎ ÎšĎ‰Î˝ĎƒĎ„ÎąÎ˝Ď„ÎżĎ€ÎżĎÎťÎżĎ…, ÎœÎŹĎÎşÎżĎ‚ Î ÎąĎ€ÎąÎşĎ‰Î˝ĎƒĎ„ÎąÎ˝Ď„ÎŻÎ˝ÎżĎ…, Κιτξρίνι Î’ÎąĎƒÎšÎťÎąÎşÎżĎ€ÎżĎÎťÎżĎ…, ÎœÎąĎÎŻÎą Î’ÎąĎƒÎšÎťÎąÎşÎżĎ€ÎżĎÎťÎżĎ…, ΚξΝΝίνι ΔΡΟΡτρΚΏδΡ, ΓΚΏννΡς ÎœÎŹĎÎłÎąĎÎˇĎ‚, ÎˆĎÎˇ Î§ĎÎˇĎƒĎ„ÎżÎłÎšÎŹÎ˝Î˝Îˇ, Άννι-ÎœÎąĎÎŻÎą ΒοΝινΏκΡ, Î§ĎÎŽĎƒĎ„ÎżĎ‚ ΠιπιβιγγέΝΡς

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