Reviewing Potentially TERRIBLE Kitchen Gadgets Ft. Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart ─ SORTEDfood

We should SO have Grace and Mamrie on every week instead of James and Ben...agreed?? Useless kitchen gadgets, weird kitchen tools, kitchen equipment for kitchen hacks and things we don't even need.

ALSO, how amazing were they at guessing what the gadgets are used for? Do you think you'll be getting a kiwi cutter tool any time soon or would a knife and spoon do the trick?

Catch more of Grace here:

Watch more Mamrie here:

AND check out their show 'This Might Get':

These are the products we reviewed...

Kiwi Cutter tool -
Singing Al Dente Pasta Timer -
Potato Peeler Gloves -
Compac Mayo Knife -

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