Ever Seen an ADVENT TREE Before? 🎄 You have now! +10 Holiday Craft Ideas! ─ MyCupcakeAddiction

This year I made my Christmas tree totally interactive with Tree-ts for every day of the Holiday countdown! As a bonus - each of these DIY Christmas craft ideas is perfect as a simple interactive holiday activity for the kids.

We're having SO much fun, and this is such a cute way to carve out time for some precious family moments with my kids during this crazy, silly season

Number printables - http://bit.ly/2BYD8vd
Bad Xmas jokes - http://bit.ly/2ElNFTy
Treasure hunt clues - http://bit.ly/2rsEsjW
"Days till Xmas" Countdown - http://bit.ly/2QkQ3Aq

Merry Christmas you guys - stay sane during the silly season (those Malibu bottle will DEFINITELY help! lol)

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