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New Recipe! I’m totally obsessed with the New York Cookies we’ve been baking every day at Crumbs & Doilies Soho, so when we came up with a brand new recipe I wanted to share it with you guys immediately!

Let Sally and Dane talk you through the full recipe for our brand new Caramelised White Chocolate Birthday Cake NYC Cookies, and you can make them for yourself right now! I really hope you’ll give these a go - they might be my favourite #NYCookies yet! Don’t forget if you do tag us on Instagram @cupcakejemma @sallydells @danepemberton so we can check them out in all their gooey glory.

And of course we’ll have these, along with a whole host of other amazing New York Cookies, in store every day at C&D; Soho, so if you’re in the area come and check out the real thing, baked fresh so they’re warm throughout the day!

Birthday Cake NEW YORK Cookies:

230g Cold Butter
100g Caster Sugar
160g Soft Light Brown Sugar
200g Caramelised White Chocolate
300g White Chocolate Chips
400g Plain Flour
100g Self Raising Flour
1tsp Salt
2tsp Baking Powder
90g Sprinkles
2 Whole Eggs
1 Egg Yolk
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

Caramelised White Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream: https://youtu.be/HT0vXa-uDO0
Caramelised White Choc: https://youtu.be/9AH0GT-ollk
Original NY cookie recipe: https://youtu.be/P1gqm9CG8sw
Double Choc NYC cookie recipe: https://youtu.be/dQiii4pg4s8


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