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#Ad | Get ready because in this episode, we're celebrating one of the world's most staple crops: the potato, by challenging Mike to see if he can 'Beat The Chef' using this hero ingredient.

But first, Mike and Ben are sent on a journey to dig into the history of the potato to find out where it came from and how farmers use smart technology to produce the hearty spud on a global level. Along the way, they meet Angela Clutton, a food writer and historian, and Jacob Van Den Borne, a top potato farmer from the Netherlands.

Place your bets, because this is an ultimate cook-off that gets very competitive. Comment below to let us know who is your real winner and why!

Grab Ben's recipe here: ​
Grab Mike's here: ​

Find out more about the European Crop Protection Association and CropLife International by clicking on the links below:

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Instagram: @Crop.Protection @Croplife_international

ECPA Youtube:​ CLI Youtube ​

Angela Clutton: ​
Jacob Van Den Borne: ​

You can also see us behind the scenes and learn a bit more by clicking here:

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