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Gunpowder Irish Gin was a random bottle we picked up at the liquor store primarily because we liked the bottle design. The eye catching blue bottle did its job, so we figured we would give it a taste and, unlike most products in an eye catching bottle, it lived up to the flash.

Gunpowder Irish Gin brings herbal tea notes (gunpowder is tea, not the stuff used for muskets) and a warm inviting juniper-forward flavor. However, unlike some gin products the juniper comes off authentic and balanced against the other spices (perhaps some eucalyptus, pepper, and cardamom?) without tasting like pine sol household cleaner.

While, not shown here, we've tasted it in cocktails as well and enjoy its contribution to the cocktail creation process (a cocktail video to come later). There are a lot of gin options on the market and the largest influencer for our choices are those that bring interesting balance of flavors to the experience. Anyone can build a simple juniper forward London Dry, but what can you do that really _interests_ us?

If you don't care about branching out your flavors, than Bombay is fine. But, once you want to move to something with different flavors that still tastes great (unlike basic Tanq) this product is a worthwhile stop. We're not saying it's a step up, but more of a lateral shift to something different. If you're a big gin drinker finding something different is often more fun than just making a cocktail.

Gunpowder Irish Gin will compliment most cocktails calling for gin without creating a really intense change in the cocktail. It compliments the cocktail design without becoming overbearing, which is a perfect contribution to a gin cocktail.

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