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A Very Simple Yet Amazing White Bread Recipe ( Makes 2 loaves !!! )
FLOUR : 2 pounds flour : 7 cups : 907 grams (1 cup flour = 128 g)
Bread flour is great, AP Flour works especially if protein content is higher than 10%
LIQUID : Half milk, half water.
A bit less than 2.5 cups. (1 cup water is 236.59 grams)
You can go full milk for more comfort, or full water for simplicity,
FAT : Life needs fat. I am french I going full on butter.
100g of butter. (14.2g per tbsp)
7 tbsps ! Oil works as well, or lard, crisco... same 7 tbsps.
SUGAR : 88g or 7 tbsps of sugar.
SALT : 3 tsp of salt = 18g, for a 2% salt content dough.
Instant yeast : 9g. Active dry, instant yeast, don't bother. It'll work about the same.
or 3 tsp. ( knowing that 1 packet is 7g and 2.25 tsp. according to )
Big mixing bowl. Tepid Liquid goes first. Then, Yeast, sugar, salt, fat, flour. Mix it till shaggy mess.
Cover and wait for 1 hour. This is the "Autolyse".
Knead the dough for 5 minutes straight. Pause for 15 minutes. Knead again for 5 minutes.
Dough should be smooth by now.
Add oil in a big bowl, place the dough in. Wipe the bowl with it. Cover with cling film.
1st proofing starts. Wait till it has doubled in size, usually 2 hours. Sometimes more. You could also wait a day or two if it proofs in the fridge.
Deflate. Divide in half. If you just want to bake one loaf in the end, that's the moment to freeze the one of the doughs. Flatten to the width of your (oiled) cake pan. As my dough is soft, i use my hands. Roll up. Place in, with the seam facing down. 200°C - 400°F for 30 minutes or golden brown on top. Brush the top with butter. Let it cool down 30 minutes. Enjoy.

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