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Today we'll show you how to make a daiquiri or, what would typically be known as a rum sour in the ancient times. Bookmark our recipe (with a slight tweak to ratios).

The Daiquiri is a popular cocktail, now doubt, but it's also a fundamental staple cocktail design that most bartenders should be able to create. As, if you pay attention, you'll see is very much like any other sour spirit from whiskey sour to margarita. The magic is in the ratio: 2:1:1.

We have a ratio video you can watch for more on 2:1:1 here:

The Daiquiri is a classic and it must be covered again, but the real lesson is the base recipe design that can be used to create many different recipes. In general "2 spirit, 1 sugar, 1 sour" is a great starter recipe design to riff-off and come up with your own concepts.

The Daiquiri
- 2 oz Light Rum
- 1 oz Lime Juice
- 1 oz Simple Syrup
- Lime Twist

Taking a basic daiquiri one can add egg white for silkiness and a nice head, or a bit of elderflower liqueur, a dark rum (like we like), or other modifying agents, like we did within our recent video on liqueurs:

Use this as a base for many creative recipes or, at least, recognize within other recipes you find in the wild. You may notice many popular recipes are just modified daiquiris.

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