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Healthy yet delicious Sushi idea 🍣💕
Kids can make it easily. And very easy for them to eat 😋
Not only for people who want to lose weight but a fun recipe for kids that will keep them entertained for a while 👍

I did not expect my kids to enjoy this much and eat well ✨

Tofu Sushi (Healthy Guilt-Free Sushi Idea Recipe)

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 10min

firm Tofu *won't break easily but any Tofu you like is OK
Sashimi or any Sushi toppings of your choice
soy sauce
Wasabi *if you like

1. Drain well, wipe off excess water, and cut Tofu into bite-size pieces. If you have time, drain Tofu, wrap with paper towels, then place a heavy plate on top, and leave for 30 minutes to press out the water.
2. Slice Sashimi if it is too thick. Then put on top of Tofu.
3. Serve with soy sauce and Wasabi just like you eat Sushi!

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