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#CreatorsForChange ! Elizabeth is a Chef at in London and a GOOD person. She came to the UK as a Refugee, fleeing civil war in her country South Sudan. Right now she's working as a Chef at Mazi Mas, a roaming restaurant in London, and she's also teaching Sudanese cuisine to many.

First, we went shopping at a British supermarket in London, around king's cross, to get the ingredients we needed for our Sudanese recipes. Then We cooked Aseeda or Asida which is like a boiled flour pudding, and Molokhia, or Molokeeya, a tasty green stew.

During those cooking sessions, Elizabeth shared lots of tips and useful pieces of information about the cuisine from Sudan, and more specifically from South Sudan. She also made Kisra and Akop.I also learned to eat with my hand, which wasn't the easiest I am afraid.

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