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Kohlrabi or German Turnip, also known as Ganth Gobi in Hindi, is a part of the Cauliflower/Cabbage family. Just like it's relatives, it is highly nutritious and very low on carbs. Though it looks like a turnip, the flavors are more like the stem of a broccoli or a cauliflower. In this dish, we created pretty much a one-pot meal with some very interesting textures and colors. The Kale Leaves, besides the pop of color, provide a superb balance of texture.
You can have this lovely Mung Dal dish with Rice or Chapatis or, even better, add in additional water before cooking and it can make a hearty soup.
Don't have an Electric Pressure Cooker, don't worry. Click on the detailed recipe below and we have instructions on how to make it in a regular Pressure Cooker or on the Stove-top.

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