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Today we're going to do a headwind vodka review, we know folks love vodka and reviewing what's coming out or is already out can be important to some folks. This vodka tasting of Headwind comes after they shipped over a bottle for us to taste (in other words, I didn't pay for it).

Sure, we're not _huge_ into vodka and vodka cocktails, but we do this for you guys because we've had a lot of vodka tasting experiences so we can often tell what one tastes like verses another.

Headwind Vodka is made in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, it's six times distilled and filtered twice. Each bottle is batched so you're tasting experience might change a bit from batch to batch (which makes it more fun).

Clean, crisp and clear, just like you'd expect from vodka. You'll also not find a ton of character in this (unless you consider clean/crisp flavors part of a character). And, for sub $25 bucks that seems like a highly reasonable price for the neutral character. So, if you like vodka that imparts alcohol kick without creating strange flavor profiles to your vodka cocktails, than Headwind should work well for you.

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