A Step-By-Step Tutorial Of Making Dosa Menu Chauta Bazaar Surat Se Video Recipe | Bhavna's Kitchen ─ Bhavna's Kitchen & Living

Chauta Bazaar Pul Surat style Mysore Masala Dosa making at home. This episode includes video recipe of making Dosa, Bhaji, Masoor Dal Sambhar & Coconut Chutney and bonus recipe of quick version of one pot pressure cooked Bhaji curry recipe as well.
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Whenever I visit Chauta Bazar, my visit starts with eating Masala Dosa at Balaji which is a laari located in the Center of the market!
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Chauta Bazaar is one of the oldest market of Surat, Gujarat, India.[1] Chauta Bazaar's history dates back to early 1700s. The present day Mota Mandir in Chauta was known as Vaishnao Haveli. There were shops surrounding the Haveli where the women folks visiting the temple would go shopping for utensils, clothes, cosmetics, grocery and other day-to-day household goods. All the shops were owned by the Vaishnao traders.

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