Lime Sorbet Ball Surprise With Popping Candy Shell ─ How To Make Sushi

Sophisticated dessert filled with homemade lime sorbet coconut white chocolate shell and popping candy exterior.

- 1-2 tbsp lime zest
- 200 ml fresh lime juice
- 200 ml water
- 200 ml sugar (done by volume for simplicity)
- 100g coconut oil
- 150g white cocolate
- enough popping candy to cover
the brand of popping candy I used was "Sparkys by Texturas" its restaurant product made by elbulli, hard to get online in different countries so no point linking it but if you live in Spain you can order it on amazon.

- Ice cream maker
- induction cooker
- lime/lemon juice gadget (similar)
- spherification mold (could not find exactly same one, but here is a selection of different sized ones)
- microplane grater:

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